Element Management

  • Custom designed software for EMS or NMS
  • Purpose-build applications to simplify element for hardware vendors
  • Interpret customer network model into applications
  • Use prevailing network application frameworks to deliver fastest solution
  • Robust, Reliable and Cost Effective

Element Management Systems

An Element Management System (EMS) is often required in multi-node deployments to manage the individual network elements (NE). An EMS provides an easy to use graphical representation of the Network Elements, allowing easier status monitoring, configuration and management from a central location. The Business Accelerators are experienced in designing and implementing such systems.

The Business Accelerators experienced designers can quickly implement the solutions you need for network management of your specific hardware. Our team has many years experience in the design, development, and maintenance of carrier-grade level EMS/NMS software. Our main themes are:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market for EMS solutions
  • High value - low risk approach to EMS designs
  • Robust Reliable EMS implementation
  • Cost Effective results
  • Network Management OEM Framework

Some screen shots from an easy to implement graphical EMS design
If you have questions about EMS applications or how The Business Accelerators could help with your network management applications, please contact us.