Trust and Reliability

Trust is an intangible feeling, but is at the root of all relationships - business and personal. Before you embark on outsourcing your project, you should get to know your design partner; how they think; how they act; what they have done and what they can do. Look for similarities in how your partner works in comparison to the way your company works. If the corporate and cultural differences are too large, you may be heading for trouble.

Trusting the experience and ability of your design partner is crucial to being able to work together on a long term basis without feeling you must constantly keep watch over them. We invite you to look at all of the design experience our team brings to the table, talk to our existing customers, and come in and meet with us and get to know us.

Project Experience

Our design team members have extensive experience in delivering embedded software solutions and we have the development infrastructure in place. Choosing to outsource all or part of a software development project give you the immediate benefits coming from our capabilities and team of expert software designers.


Here are a few examples of projects we have completed for our clients:

Embedded System Development - Wireless Application

Set-up development environment and migrate from PSOS to embedded Linux

Design and implement a network based management system

Design and implement an inventory tracking database for manufactured units

A selection of Web Design Projects for our clients


Our design team is committed to delivering innovative and creative solutions meeting or exceeding the requirements of our clients. Our ability to respond to the changing needs of the market as well as of our customers, helps us to deliver exceptional value.