Migration of embedded system from PSOS to embedded Linux

The following tasks were required to migrate our client from an older PSOS environment to an embedded Linux environment, and tested to ensure functionality remained unchanged.

Project tasks:

  • Setup development environment.
  • Transfer existing MCU software and setup loadbuild.
  • Bring up the new processor board on the new operating system.
  • Port the control software from using pSOS calls to the new Linux RTOS calls.
  • Modify the serial driver to support 100 Hz synch clock and the drive signal start pulse.
  • Modify the boot PROMS for boot-up configuration.
  • Convert the load files to S-record format.
  • Integration and test on a single MCU control system.
  • Prepare documentation and basic training on the use of the development environment to create a new MCU load and how to download the load to the MCU.