Contract Resourcing



Contract Resourcing

We can also help clients who have already have design staff but are looking for expert advice or additional resources in one or more areas of software development. For clients who are looking to temporarily add specific skills to their development teams or to increase the development bandwidth of their teams, we provide engineering resources for short-term to longer-term contracts.

By using the same pool of dedicated professionals who deliver our custom software development services, we ensure that your requirements are met with expert software designers having the skills required.

By specializing in real-time embedded software development, we have become very knowledgeable and efficient at delivering these services. Our focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions is especially attractive in today's environment of cost control.

For more information on the services we can offer your company, please contact us.

Engineers now on our team have successfully provided services resulting in the advancement of technologies or products throughout the Ottawa region. The management team has years of technical experience in software and the telecommunications industry. The company continues to build a base of associates and engineering experts whose industry leadership and hands-on experience are creating a solid reputation for success.

Put simply - we solve problems and build your competitive advantage.